Artificial Intelligence Module – Part of the LTIC Programme. For more information on the LTIC:


  1. elearning Primer from the eLearning AI primer to ensure all participants have the foundation level coverage, this module has two parts:
  2. Part I is the opening segment covered by MDX University Dubai
  3. Part II we dive into a responsible AI segment covered by Microsoft and practical coverage across various technology tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to use technology to automate tasks that normally require human intelligence such as speech recognition, visual perception, and decision making.

Recently, the use of artificial intelligence has been growing in several sectors to help organizations seeking to improve outcomes and productivity. This has led to growing concerns over the legal issues of artificial intelligence and whether it is used in accordance with existing laws.

This module aims to introduce you to artificial intelligence and its legal implications with a focus on the application of artificial intelligence in business. This module requires no engineering or technical experience. As the module progresses, you will learn the basics of AI technologies and how/where they can be applied.

  • Providing an insight into all aspects of AI including its applications and legal implications.
  • Analyzing various models of business value generation using artificial intelligence.
  • Discussing the regulation of AI strategies in business.

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For more information on the LTIC:

This module is delivered by Dr Maha Saadeh, MDX Dubai, Dr Lena El-Malak, Joanne Fischlin (Microsoft Gulf)

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