Innovative Thinking – Featuring Lucy Bassli

The Forte Edge
Innovative Thinking - Featuring Lucy Bassli

Welcome to the first episode of The Forte Edge – a monthly legaltech podcast sharing on the most exciting legal innovations on the market, as well as insights into the legal industry and interviews with some of the most esteemed thought leaders in the field.

Joining us for our first episode is Lucy Endel Bassli, Founder & Principal at InnoLaw Group in the United States.

Lucy is a global expert in innovative thinking – she is an attorney, author of The Simple Guide to Legal Innovation and the founder and principal of InnoLaw Group.

As a former Assistant General Counsel of Legal Operations and Contracting at Microsoft, she redefined how legal work is done and created one of the first managed service engagements with a law firm.

Lucy is also a faculty member of the Legal Technology & Innovation Institute and will be delivering her module on “Innovative Thinking” with the LTIC.


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