The Legal Technology & Innovation Institute is an industry-backed Legal Tech Education Institution, delivering globally accessible content,enabling participants to deep dive into real world use cases in document automation and management, chatbots, creating smart contract or embedding AI technology in contract design, and more.

Understand Legal Tech in its entirety with the most comprehensive Legal Technology & Innovation Certificate in the Legal Industry.


Nov 2020

Legal Technology Made Practical

The Legal Technology and Innovation Certificate (LTIC) aims to bring a breadth of understanding and engagement to legal practitioners around the world to enable them to engage fully with all relevant technology.

The LTIC is a programme designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice to enable the participants to acquire hands-on skills across a broad range of technologies. The aim is to equip legal professionals with the right skill set to not only understand technology but also have the experience of its implementation across legal use cases.

The course will enable participants to deep dive into the some exciting use cases whether that is document automation and management, legal chatbots, creating smart contract or embedding AI technology in contract design.

The LTIC will help create a global legal technology community and allow participants to see this as a platform enabling access to a global ecosystem. Expect a global faculty of legal and technology experts, supported by international partners from law societies, bar associations, technology firms and academia.


The LTIC will be launching officially on 19th November 2020.

Keep an eye on this space and receive the most up to date information on our modules available, the faculty, partners, and Legal Lab opportunities.

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