Forte Markets Announces LT&I and Johannesburg Attorneys’ Association Partnership

Forte Markets Announces the Launch of the Legal Technology & Innovation Institute (LT&I) and Johannesburg Attorneys’ Association (JAA) Partnership

Forte Markets is pleased to announce the launch of the Legal Technology & Innovation Institute’s partnership with the Johannesburg Attorneys’ Association (JAA).  The LT&I is a market leading institute to deliver practical technology training, develop understanding and awareness and increase experience of relevant legal technologies for legal practitioners across the globe.

The JAA is proud to be working together with Forte Markets and the LT&I in bringing legal technology and innovation to South Africa and affording legal professionals the opportunity to offer their clients first class service in this rapidly changing arena.   Additionally, we would like to thank Forte and LT&I for offering a great discount to JAA members allowing JAA members real value wherever possible.

The LT&I mission is to create a global ecosystem across law and technology by bringing together experts, practitioners, academia, government and technologists from around the world, to provide insights into challenges and successes in legal technology, and collaborate globally.

As part of the partnership, we are delighted to announce that JAA will support the LT&I’s LawTech Conference and Legal Technology Bootcamp to be hosted onsite in Jo’burg this October.

The LT&I aims to bring a breadth of understanding and engagement to legal practitioners around the world to enable them to engage fully with all relevant technology. Having had significant interest from the region, there is no better time to visit with our faculty to conduct onsite engagement with our community and those interested in legal technology and innovation.

The Global Legal Technology and Innovation Certificate (LTIC) is a global program with an outstanding global faculty and set of partners.  For the conference we aim to cover key areas of transformation and innovation within the legal services and inhouse verticals.

The Bootcamp will then continue with a deep dive into key topics such as access for justice, LawTech strategy, document automation and much more.

Our Head of Faculty is Christina Blacklaws, former President of the Law Society of England and Wales and a key player in the UK and Global LawTech field.

Christina says: 

‘It is great to be able to travel again and participate in such innovative events.   I’m really delighted with this partnership with the JAA.  We are all super excited at the LT&I to visit South Africa and cater for the local and regional market.  During the conference and the bootcamp we aim to cover some exciting and relevant topics, coupled with hands on and interactive bootcamp sessions over two days.” 

Wendel Bloem is the Chairperson of the JAA:

Wendel says:

‘What exciting times within the legal profession do we find ourselves in! The age of advancement, technology and innovation. Whether by design or circumstance, technological advancements must be embraced. It is against this backdrop that the Johannesburg Attorney’s Association is delighted to partner with the Legal Technology and Innovation Institute. for the upcoming conference and bootcamp. The legal profession is on the brink of technological and innovative advance.” 

Full details of the event can be found here

The CONFERENCE will take place on the 17th of October; with the bootcamp on the 18-19th of October 2022.

If you would like details on the FULL LTIC certification visit us here