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Introduction VAT summary

VAT Process

Target Operating Model

Building on the summary provided in the level 2 course

A focus on capturing / designing “AS-IS “/ “TO-BE” operating model

Processes impacted by VAT are catalogued and / or designed to cover:

Appropriate controls, artefacts identified, systems / technology, people, policies, hand Ins & Offs identified

Consolidated into target operating model design

Policies A practical exercise identifying impacted policies
Operational Readiness Case study listing all confirmed readiness items
Planning A case study looking at planning the implementation strategy

Project – plan on a page

Resource allocation

Adequate test strategy and validation

Deployment into ‘business as usual’ (BAU)

Mitigation How to limit negative VAT exposure to your cashflow

How to maximise VAT within your cashflows


How to monitor compliance to the VAT laws

How to implement and manage an effective exception management framework

limit VAT errors

Identify and resolve VAT errors to avoid penalties


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