MiFID II European Roadshow – 1 Day Workshop


Are you ready for MiFID II? Get prepared with an exclusive MiFID II European Roadshow.

With only few months remaining till Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) is in put in place across Europe, businesses will need to be prepared to implement this new legislation. Firms from compliance and legal staff, to commodity firms and human resources, will now need apply new measures to meet MiFID requirements. Are you ahead of the game? Are you ready for MifID II?

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Product Description

Course Overview

A Master Class in Markets In Financial Instruments Directive II for BAs, PMs,

Consultants, SMEs and those working on or wanting to move into the MIFID delivery space.

It is a common theme that your compliance and legal SMEs understand the regulation but not the nuances of delivery, whereas the change SMEs understand the complexities of delivery but lack the regulatory knowledge.

This course is aimed at bridging this disconnect between the Business and

Delivery teams on MIFID delivery projects.

We are now into the last 365 days of delivery and this session helps attendees understand the regulation in light of delivery artefacts, a delivery plan and challenges. The aim is to help those working on these projects to evaluate their plans and strategy and provide guidance on how to overcome current delivery challenges.

Course breakdown:

– Understand the new rules being introduced under MIFID II

– Understand the timelines for MIFID II compliance

– Understand the key components of MIFID II

– Understand an overview of a MIFID II delivery plan / project plan review

– Case study: look at an impact assessment for a bank

– Case study: deep dive into a requirements review – investor protection

– Case study: target operating model – design an operating model with a focus on best execution

– Case Study: reports – field specification review for MIFIR reporting


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