With the impending Mifid II deadline we are still seeing firms identifying gaps in their delivery plans for compliance.  This trend is prevalent across the industry and one of the root causes is the lack of specific , yet key, disclosure requirements surrounding costs and charges.

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the disclosure requirements under Mifid II and how they apply to then different Mifid II workstreams, with an additional focus on the overlaps.

Firms have been delivering these in silo whereby a cross workstream approach should have been applied from the outset.

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1. Provide an overview of the disclosure requirements across MIFiD II regulatory texts

2. These requirements are then mapped to business requirements and workstreams along with highlighting dependencies

3. We then look at the requirements surrounding public website for transaction costs disclosure

4. A deep dive on the European MIFiD template [EMT] artefact for costs disclosure

5. Case study: MIFiD II starter pack

6. Case study: Portfolio loss reporting disclosure under MIFiD II


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