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Gain an edge with the Trading Framework

by Kam Dhadwar

With The Trading Framework™” any market situation can be framed and placed into context. This provides the base-work for every choice/decision that is made throughout the day when moving through a process of planning, preparation through to execution and trade management.


Taster session

Understanding Markets and its Participants Behaviours with Auction Market Theory

Wednesday 21st June 2017 @ 2pm & 7pm

Canary Wharf, London

This event has limited spaces, for booking information contact:

020 7186 0250 

In these events you will learn:

  • Auction market theory and how market participants negotiate price
  • How to use market profiles to perceive and locate areas of value
  • How to use profiles to highlight extremely high probability support and resistance zones
  • How to measure how far the market can move away from value yet still return
  • When to look for the market to move away from value and potentially find a new area of value to trade around


Delivered by:

Kam Dhadwar is a professional proprietary trader based in London UK and also the owner of L2ST Limited and it’s Brand “The Trading Framework”.

Over the last decade he has grown to become a respected discretionary trader and peak performance coach who shares his knowledge and experience with like-minded traders.