Forte Markets (Dubai) is delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with the Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance (BIBF) to launch their flagship 4-day Islamic Finance Masterclass in Dubai.

The 4-day Islamic Finance Master Class is an intensive and practical course that provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamental aspects in Islamic banking and finance. It covers areas including Shariah compliant money placements/deposits, Shariah compliant profit sharing investment accounts, Shariah compliant financing contracts, with a focus on Sukuk structuring and risk management for Islamic capital markets. It also includes Shariah governance and compliance issues relevant to the areas covered.

The main objective of this course is to build the knowledge and skills capacity of the participating individuals across a range of Islamic finance areas. Providing both theoretical and practical insight.

The course syllabus is also aligned with CISI’s Fundamentals of Islamic Finance and CISI’s Islamic Finance Qualification. Therefore, any participant taking this course would also be prepared for the two aforementioned CISI qualifications. An arrangement can be made with BIBF in order for direct exam taking with CISI.

Course highlights:

  • The sources of Islamic Law and Islamic Commercial Jurisprudence
  • The key Islamic nominate contracts: Basic principles and application of Murabahah, Tawarruq, Salam, Istisna’ contract, Ijarah, and Musharakah
  • Supplementary Islamic nominate contracts (Wadiah yad Amanah and Wadiah yad Dhamanah, Jualah, Wakalah, ar Rahn, Hawala) and hybrid Islamic nominate contracts
  • Overview of accounting for Islamic banking and finance
  • Islamic capital market products: Shariah compliant shares, Sukuk structuring, derivatives, syndicated financing
  • Risk Management in Islamic financial institutions and understanding Shariah assurance with emphasize on Shariah audit
  • Governance related issues in Islamic finance
  • Discussion on the future of Islamic finance