VAT Courses: In Collaboration with the Dubai College of Tourism

The UAE Minister of State for Financial Affairs, His Excellency Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, has stated that the UAE will implement VAT at the rate of 5% on 1 January 2018.

Creativeword, in collaboration with the Dubai College of Tourism, is offering a series of 2-8 hour courses to cover the basics of VAT and then expanding into a deep dive with practical case studies focussing on the Hotels, Travel Agents and Tour Operator sectors.  The courses will enable you to understand the fundamentals of the VAT and gain practical knowledge in application and implementation of appropriate policies and procedures within your organisation.

Level 1: The general course is an introductory level course aiming to provide VAT knowledge.

Level 2: The masterclass is seen as an intermediate course that focuses on each specific industry sector.

Level 3: The extended course is the advanced 1-day course to provide delegates with the knowledge of implementation and management of VAT within the three sectors that we focus on.

In summary we will cover:

  1. Common VAT framework
  2. Proposed phase of the VAT regime in the UAE
  3. Application of VAT and their different components
  4. Application of VAT in your specific industry: Hotels, Travel Agents & Tour Operators
  5. Impact of VAT: business challenges
  6. Mitigation & planning for your business


Please click on each product for more details on what is going to be covered.

VAT General

VAT Masterclass

VAT Advanced

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