<span class='tl-course-name'>AML for Legal</span> AML for Legal
More info (£50) £50 30/11/2016, 10:12:44 AML for Legal
<span class='tl-course-name'>Introduction to MiFID II</span> Introduction to MiFID II
This course provides a high level introduction into what MiFID II regulation is, its key components and challenges that face the current delivery date.
More info (£49.99) £49.99 4 03/02/2017, 17:15:56 Introduction to MiFID II
<span class='tl-course-name'>MIFID II Documentation</span> MIFID II Documentation
All course related documentation following the MIFID II delivery session
More info £0 4 20/12/2016, 14:29:24 MIFID II Documentation

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