Forte Markets’ consulting services support our clients to deliver organisational readiness and transformation driven by regulatory change.

Current key regulatory / compliance drivers for change include:

  • MiFID II
  • GDPR
  • Basel II / III
  • IFRS 9

Our bespoke consulting services help our clients to meet regulatory deadlines with confidence.

We avoid “one size fits all” templates

We instead shape our approach to your needs. This could mean placing extra emphasis on regulatory clarity and training, so firms completely understand their obligations. For others with limited resources, it may mean identifying the most cost-effective solutions. And for very tight deadlines, we apply Agile principles and practices, enabling benefits to be realised early as the delivery process evolves.

The services we offer for MiFID II and GDPR include:

  • Free initial consultation to discuss your regulatory requirements
  • One day project assurance exercise – we provide a high-level view of where you stand in successfully delivering your programme
  • Impact assessments of varying length depending on the client
  • Project mobilisation – scoping and impact assessments, resourcing and governance framework design
  • End to end planning and delivery – Business compliance, technology delivery and Operating Model delivery
  • Traceability of delivery vs regulation assessment
  • Assurance of delivery service – gap analysis
  • Project / programme management