Islamic Fintech Firm gains first ever UK regulatory approval

London is well-known as both a global financial hub and a multi-cultural city but what happens when you bring these two things together?

Yielders has become the first Islamic Fintech firm to be fully accredited by the UK’s FCA. The London-based start-up is a crowdfunding property investment platform.

The process is simple and transparent, taking away the hassle of being a landlord or the burden of a mortgage. It allows the public to invest as little as £100 in cash and start earning returns almost immediately on pre-funded assets, providing predefined rental income.

With no debt, no interest, full voting rights and full financial rights, they are also the first UK Company to gain the Sharia compliance certification by the UK Islamic Finance Council (UKIFC).

This doesn’t just emphasis their business ethics, but also demonstrates the increasing role of the UK’s Islamic Finance Sector.

As London seeks to position itself as the global centre for Fintech, extending this to Islamic Finance will not only broaden the number of investors in the UK but will also attract investment from the Middle East and South East Asia.

Yielders is making history and dispelling the myth that traditional Islamic Finance is uncompetitive. Islamic Fintech is expected to grow in demand.


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