Cash Management: Challenges

As regulation continues to evolve across the Financial Services industry the time when cash management simply meant ensuring your Bank account had sufficient funds in it has long since passed. An effective manager of cash not only has to have a good understanding of the various aspects influencing a cash position, they are also required to understand a considerably more rigorous reporting regime.

Regulators require firms to be able to manage their cash positions on a real time basis throughout the day. Additionally, when managing Intraday Liquidity institutions must consider items such as the level of intraday credit provided to them, and ensure they have the ability to manage the flows effecting this.

These and other requirements continue to put pressure on the systems used to monitor and report cash and liquidity positions. The importance of accurate and reliable information, available on a timely basis has never been more important.

The workshop planned for the end of February will consider the various aspects of cash management and how changes to regulation have resulted in the requirements of today. We will look at the developments in the payments industry and how IT has responded to the challenges set, and played it’s part in providing solutions.

Through a simulation exercise participants will walk through a day in the life of a cash manager, look at ensuring best practice and how to overcome the challenges that present themselves on an all to regular basis.

Finally, a panel discussion will allow us to hear the view of senior market practitioners and their expectations for the future, this will be followed by a Q&A session.

By Clive Jones


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